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Dolphin Tours


We offer Dolphin Tours on the Atlantic Ocean where we usually see Atlantic Bottlenosed Dolphin and other marine life. These intelligent marine mammals are very curious and often approach within VERY close proximity to us when we are out, occasionally even directly next to our boards.MINIMUM AGE 12 YEARS OLD. Dolphin Tours are 2 Hours Long.


These tours leave from the beach at 33rd Street at 7:00 am Daily. Dolphin Tours are 1 1/2 Hours Long. MINIMUM AGE 12 YEARS OLD. CALL TODAY TO RESERVE YOUR TOUR TIME. $70 per person. (757) 754-8382. Come get your feet wet!


Due to the nature of the Atlantic Ocean we do require that anyone desiring to go out on one of our Dolphin tours have prior SUP experience, either with Beach Eco Tours or elsewhere. The ocean is not nearly as "user friendly" as the area that we do our Flat Water Tours on. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


*Although we do our best to find the Dolphin, they are wild animals. They roam the Atlantic and, therefore, there is no guarantee that we will see them. Although it is very likely.