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This was a great way to spend a day with my wife! Nick was awesome and very knowledgeable about all sorts of wildlife we saw! I'm a big guy and he took his time with me and made sure I not only got up but had a blast doing this! You will not regret doing this! Brock S. 7/5/16


Just finished a 6pm sup tour and it was amazing! I was a first timer and I have terrible balance, so I was a little worried, but it was awesome! I strongly recommend this for anyone looking to do stand up paddle boarding. Joey D. 6/26/16


My husband and I had an *amazing* time out on the 15th. Can't thank Nick enough for being a wonderful guide and instructor. Will be recommending y'all to all our friends! Thank you for an incredible experience! Lindsay C. 6/20/16


We did a Father/Daughter ocean Sup with Nick (and his "shadow") at 7am. Being on the ocean, and watching the sun come up on the horizon, was simply stunning! We absolutely luv and respect Nick (and his "shadow") for their shared passion and knowledge of all things above and below us that morning!! -John & Devin B. 6/20/16


Such a fun time! We should do this again! Thanks for the wonderful tour and great pictures, Beach Eco Tours!---Charity Lane 9/19/14


Thank you, Beach Eco Tours, for accommodating our two pregnant girls with kayaks. We had a blast and love you guys! Jessica Ospina 7/24/14


Hey Mike Deana and I had a great time. I also gave your bumper stickers with your address to the concierge here at Oceanaire. Can you post or email the photos Eric took? He was a great guide! Susan 6/13/13


Just one thing came to mind once I was out on the water on the board.. WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG?? The ease of getting into the “flow” and the serenity is absolutely amazing. Eric was a great guide with such a passion for what he does and how eager he was to offer his expertise and had such excitement that it made the entire experience so much more !!! Loved it and will def suggest for anyone looking for something really easy to do and super fun to do either alone or with family and friends. Darlene F. Virginia Beach 6/25/13


Thanks for the photos. I submitted my review to Trip Advisor (it’s currently pending review). I rated Beach Eco Tours (excellent) and wrote a short review. I really enjoyed it. Thanks Tammy 6/4/13


“SUP'ing with Mike at the Narrows is a MUST for the Summer list of to-do's! Good fun and a good workout!”---Sharon B. 8/3/10


"Wow, SUP is one of Virginia Beach's best kept secrets! It's a nature sightseeing, a workout, a romantic adventure - all into one!" ---Cici D. 8/8/10


Mike was a great instructor, with a great sense of humor! He didn't let us think for a second that we couldn't SUP, even though my mom and I had never done any paddleboarding or surfing before. It was a great experience and one I would definitely recommend! ---Thanks, Kelsey C. 7/31/10


We had a great time and it was such a unique experience.---Valerie J. 8/31/10


SUP was a great experience all around! It was fun, easy, and relaxing! Mike was an excellent tour guide and even took pictures of our trip and e-mailed them to us after! Definitely something I will be doing again!---Jen Q. 8/28/10


We had so much fun today on our SUP tour with yall!!! Thanks so much...I'm addicted!! Amanda H. 7/11/11


Mike, my husband totally enjoyed his "father's day" present. Looking forward to the pics----July 10th. Brenda R. 7/10/11


I had an awesome time paddle boarding with you guys! I can't wait to see some pictures from 7/2! Kendall F. 7/2/11


Thanks Ray and Ryan for an amazing day. Terry and I had a fantastic Anniversary and know that fun like this is the key to many, many more! Great fun! Thanks to Mike, too, for giving us such great info on the phone. Cheryl T. 7/10/11


Thanks for the tour Kyle and Ray! Had a great time. Elizabeth S. 7/8/11


Thanks, I really enjoyed the SUP tour today. . . . . It was way better than Xbox! Matthew M 8/13/11


Today was amazing!!! Aubrey H. 7/3/11


Had a wonderful time today! Thanks so much, Mike. Great way to spend our anniversary. Shelby S. 7/8/11